Counseling and Hypnosis courses at The Centre of Effective Therapy Hobart, Tasmania

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Dr Rob McNeilly and Dr Gabrielle Peacock will be running two programmes this year in Hobart. They will each comprise 10 days over a 6 month period. Both programmes are Solution Oriented and heavily seeped in Ericksonian methods influenced by Rob’s experience as a direct student of Milton H Erickson. They are informed by the latest research on effectiveness in therapy and will emphasise those experiences known to improve a therapist’s effectiveness. Workshops are experiential, with demonstration and practice emphasised over theoretical lectures. Participants receive free individual supervision, and can join a monthly group supervision day with therapists who have diverse experiences that add to the rich matrix of learning. Supervision focuses on each participant’s growing edge and enhances exploration of useful skills that can be learned and practiced to expand the effectiveness of each individual.

In keeping with the evidence that undergraduate, or postgraduate training does not improve effectiveness, and the most effective therapists can be found in all helping fields, there is no prerequisite academic qualification required. The programmes will be most relevant to people actively providing therapy in a clinical setting.

When someone pays for a programme with us, it is theirs for life and many take advantage of our offer to revisit that programme at any time without further payment.

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Rob is teaching in London and Bristol in 2016. For dates and information click here.

There is a 4 day window between these events if anyone is interested to book him to some relatively nearby destination in UK or Europe. Email

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