Professional jet lag at the Ericksonian Congress

I had such a big reaction to reading my own blog this morning! It was a blog I wrote and scheduled to publish a week ago in Hobart Australia and the blog I read this morning in Phoenix Arizona, after being immersed in the soup of the Erickson Congress for the last 3 days.

When I was a medical student, some research came out of our own University saying that digoxin didn’t work for heart failure, unless the patient had atrial fibrillation. That its action was not in fact on the hearts strength but in effecting the rate of fibrillation thereby making the heart more efficient. I remember thinking, that’s a little strange. Digoxin comes from the fox glove plant and human beings have been using it long before modern medicine, but Ok I trust you, I’m new at this and you know more. 5 years later they said, well actually it does work to strengthen the heart. There have been lots of things like that in medicine but I have never been made to feel wrong, or stupid for doing what research informed me was the right thing to do.

I have been hanging out with therapists in Phoenix. Big hearted, loving, compassionate people, committed to their work and professional development. These therapists do good work. They want to be effective in their work. The field has been patiently waiting for science to give some useful direction, and in it’s absence, they just get on and do good work, developing sensitivities that help them to genuinely assist more people in more ways.

As Erickson said: Just do good work!

Humbling and refreshing at the same time.

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