How would you describe the experience of being loved? A newborn thrives in its presence. You can see it on their faces. The well loved child. It’s hard to describe. Perhaps a sort of contentment. The faint smile of satiety.  Nothing missing. And in its embrace the experience of being allowed to just be who you are.

Judgements are suspended. Both good and bad. If you are distinguishing beauty, charm or whit, you are not there.

The space where negations delivered under the guise of love are felt for what they are, not heard for what they might be, and are not allowed in.

And in that space, awareness expands. Synergy is created.

Is this the space where healing happens?

Can it be that simple? As simple as….

As you wish…..



2 thoughts on “Loved

  1. I feel loved when Marcus ( big, hairy, four legged people lover) gives me a scratch on my back as I lean down to oil his feet. I definitely felt loved when Marshmallow ( big, hairy, quiet brother of Marcus) gave my arm a nudge as I hurries past him, when I was very tired- just the same way I nudged him on his shoulder when he was very tired, tired enough that he did not want to be fussed over but I wanted to tell him that I cared. I feel loved when Nero ( the one who ducks under electric tape when not turned on, just because he can) brush past me to demand cuddles on his way back to his paddock- even though that is a very bad manners and I should really tell him off for doing that. I feel loved when…. or maybe I should stop now, because I could go on for a while longer and prove once again that I am positively crazy. :) I fully agree that this is the space where healing happens.


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