Rebranding Therapy

Therapy is effective. The effect size is large. It is as effective as bypass surgery for angina. A treated person is better off than 80% of people who do not go to therapy.

How has something so effective managed to have so little appeal?

Gandhi articulated a strong sense of how the institution that grew up around the Indian quest for home rule similarly missed the hopes and wishes of the people.  This clip from Richard Attenborough’s movie encapsulates the rift.

We make speeches for ourselves and those middle class affluent people who have time to wonder about popular pseudoscience. But the people who are toiling under the sociopolitical heat of poverty and disadvantage remain dispossessed.

By 1997 Apple computers had been around for a long time, were reliable and easy to use but had no mass appeal. When Steve Jobs returned to the company he cut down the range of products from almost twenty to just four. All four were successful due to their high performance, affordability and aesthetic design.

Imagine consolidating 400 models into just four, highly performing, affordable and aesthetic models of psychotherapy. One for the inventors, one for the doers, one for the dreamers and one for the explorers.

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