Barefoot Therapists

We are cooking up a new project and I’m interested in your thoughts.

We are interested in teaching for free, anyone who’s interested to learn the foundational basics that psychotherapy research has taught us about how to be effective in a healing conversation with another human being.

The foundations of relationship, expectancy, and allegiance are not rocket science. They are there in our loving human relationships in our friends, family and community, but they are missing in our ordinary human relationships whenever someone is pathologised.

The label of mental illness puts a wedge in the way we would normally relate, it puts doubt in our ability to be part of their belief that they will get better, and it puts doubt in our own ability to believe that we can help.

Modern medicine has done some great things, but in the way it handles mental illness it has inadvertently damaged the ordinary human relationships that heal.

So, inspired by The Barefoot Investor, and originally by Barefoot Doctors in China, we want to start a movement, that will give back to our community their human ability to be useful to another human who is in a bad spot.

Its not about doing therapy, it’s not about creating a surge of do-gooders, or missionaries, it’s just about rekindling the dying art of human healing.

Please share your response to this as we know we will be blind to many potential hurdles, and your thoughts will help.

And, if this project speaks to you, let’s collaborate.

4 thoughts on “Barefoot Therapists

  1. Great idea!
    As John Weakland and Steve de Shazer pointed out years ago, Gabrielle, probably the best way to develop a helping professional’s capacity to deal with people in need is to have them tape their own conversations with clients/friends/colleagues/relatives/etc. Then watch these conversations and decide for themselves which parts of the conversation went well, and which parts they would like to do differently. This helps everyone of us not acquire other people’s skills, techniques, approaches, etc., but in one’s own and unique way to be able to talk to other people today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today.
    I have found the above the core part of any training. Everything else is just supplementary.
    And the best of Luck with your project!

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